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At Rose Corfu Weddings, we bring your dream to life in the captivating embrace of Corfu. Choose us for an unparalleled experience marked by personalized service, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to crafting moments that reflect your unique story of love.

Wedding Vision & Design

Unlock your ideal wedding aesthetic. Our design team brings dreams to life, ensuring your celebration is a reflection of the unique love story you want to tell.

Tailored Budget

Elevate your planning with a personalized budget. We customize costs to your preferences, providing a transparent breakdown aligned with the dream celebration you envision.

Document Assistance

Navigate paperwork seamlessly. Consult with us to ensure all documents are in order, making legalities stress-free for your Corfu destination wedding.

Venue Selection Expertise

Discover the perfect setting. From historic landmarks to beachfront bliss, we guide you to venues that resonate with the dream celebration you have in mind.

Culinary Experience & Menu Crafting

Indulge in culinary perfection. Experience the flavors of Corfu with our menu design, creating a feast that mirrors the unique narrative of your love story.

Entertainment Enhancement

Elevate the atmosphere. From live music to DJs, our entertainment selection ensures your celebration is filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Invitation Design & Guest Coordination

Craft invitations that tell your tale. Manage your guest list effortlessly, ensuring every invitee feels the warmth of your Corfu celebration.

Luxury Transportation

Arrive in style. Seamless transportation arrangements ensure you and your guests move effortlessly, adding a touch of luxury to your wedding experience.

Rehearsal Perfection

Perfect your moment. Our rehearsal coordination guarantees a flawless ceremony, leaving you confident and ready for the magic of your wedding day.

Photographic & Cinematic Storytelling

Capture every emotion. Skilled photographers and videographers immortalize your love story, creating timeless memories that last a lifetime.

Wedding Cake

Sweeten your celebration. Expert bakers craft wedding cakes that delight the palate and become a visual centerpiece of your day.

Accommodation Arrangements

Experience comfort in Corfu. Accommodation arrangements ensure you and your guests stay in havens that complement the beauty of your celebration.

Bridal Beauty Services

Feel radiant on your day. Bridal beauty services, from hair to makeup, ensure you shine as the glowing centerpiece of your Corfu wedding.

Pre & Post Wedding Festivities

Extend the joy. From pre-wedding gatherings to post-celebration festivities, curated experiences enrich your Corfu wedding journey.

Event Set-Up Perfection

Relax and revel. Set-up ensures every detail aligns perfectly with your vision, allowing you to savor the moments of your Corfu celebration.

Our passion lies in making your wedding day uniquely yours.

We go beyond expectations, partnering with the best professionals on the island to ensure that every aspect of your celebration is crafted with care and excellence. Choose Rose Corfu Weddings for a wedding experience that exceeds your dreams.
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